Community Capital Development

CCD provides access to capital and business assistance to low-income, women and minority entrepreneurs and small businesses in distressed and underserved communities in Washington State.

Express Credit Union

The not-for-profit, community development credit union has micro-finance fixed term loans and lines of credit ranging from $300 to $10,000 available to both existing and start-up businesses. Interest rate range from 10% to 12% available with terms up to five years.

Mercy Corps Northwest

Mercy Corps Northwest provides loans to new and existing businesses who may not qualify for traditional bank loans. Loan amounts can be as little as $500 to as much as $50,000 (for start-up businesses, the maximum loan amount is $20,000).

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund

RVCDF offers affordable alternatives to traditional bank loans. These include business incentive loans, business stimulus loans, and real estate loans.

Ventures Nonprofit

Ventures Nonprofit (formerly Washington C.A.S.H.) empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources—and unlimited potential. They provide the hands-on education, in-depth support, and access to capital needed to launch and grow successful small enterprises.